Incognito Dish

  • Incognito Dish


    - by Ottavio

    The month of may, Executive Chef Vincent Canzeri decided to delight, pizza and pasta lovers. First, he’s bringing back as an incognito his famous Brie-zza. On our delicious home-made thin crust pizza dough, you get melted Brie, pesto, figs and roasted almonds, all of which are covered with Arugula, romano shavings and balsamic reduction to make your mouth water. This delicacy is also available in Gluten-Free version as well!!!

    Outdoing himself once more, he created a sumptuous pasta plate sure to get you craving for seconds. On a bed of angel hair and alfredo pasta, he adds brie cheese and oyster mushrooms that really highlight the flavors from the Lake Brome smoked duck. Topped off with roasted almonds to add a welcomed twist of textures. Simply Divine!!!

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