Best Pizza in Montreal

Best Pizza in Montreal
January 23, 2018 Ottavio

Everyone asks where they can find the best pizza in town and Ottavio is one of the heavy contenders. Many assume the best place for pizza is Little Italy which is simply untrue and Ottavio proves it. Many pizza restaurants don’t bother offering a Gluten-Free alternative but Ottavio is very sensitive to this topic and provides safe dining for celiacs and non-celiacs in all of their locations.

Below are the best-selling pies offered at Ottavio

Sicilian Pizza

Our Sicilian pizza is a perfect marriage between mild Italian sausage, capers and Kalamata olives.  Red onions and hot Cubanelle peppers bring out the intricate flavours marvellously!


Margherita Pizza

Classic and loved, the Margherita pizza brings you melted Fior di latte on our homemade tomato pizza sauce with fresh basil.  Simply exquisite!


Delicious Americana Pizza

Meat lovers will be delighted with our delicious Americana pizza that perfectly combines the distinct taste of smoked bacon, tender homemade meatballs, succulent mild Italian sausage and pepperoni.  A delicacy!


Best Pizza in Montreal – Laval and South Shore!