5 Facts About Pizza You Should Know

5 Facts About Pizza You Should Know
January 16, 2018 Ottavio

5 Facts About Pizza You Should Know

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The word “Pizza” brings a smile to the face of almost every Canadian. No matter where you come from, pizza is a treasured delicacy all over the world. From Canada to Italy, every party, event, or special occasion is incomplete without a pizza delicacy. While everyone will claim to be a pizza enthusiast, there are some facts about the delicacy that very few people know. If you think the delicacy is just crust, sauce, and cheese that you order from a pizza restaurant,then you are wrong. Below are some random facts about pizza that you should know.

Pizza Gives Your Brain a Boost

Spinach, which is often used as an ingredient in pizza topping, is high in folate which is a vitamin that promotes fast blood circulation in your brain. Pizza is a powerful brain booster as long as you eat it in moderation. The numerous phytonutrients in oregano that give pizza its unique taste can, in fact, help you think clearly. Oregano extract has been scientifically tested for its potential to affect your brain and how you think and the results have been positive.

It Contains Nutritious Ingredients

Although many people tend to think that pizza is junk food, this delicacy can come loaded with numerous nutrients depending on what you order. Instead of going for the triple cheese or double sausage, ask for a thin whole grain crust which is nutritious. The whole grains will make you feel full so that you don’t consume a lot of food. It can also lower your risk of diabetes and stroke. Apart from spinach, you can also ask for toppings like garlic, and broccoli which are healthy.

Pizza Sauce Can Actually Boost Your Immunity

The sauce on your pizza is usually loaded with vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin C to fight against germs and other contaminants that can cause different illness such as cold and flu. Carvacrol, which is the primary component of oregano, helps in keeping your liver healthy and also plays a vital role in blood sugar balancing.

It Also Contains Fiber

Nutritionists say that your daily fiber intake shouldn’t be less than 20 grams but very few people achieve this requirement. If you are among those who consume fewer amounts of fiber, then pizza can help you. A few slices of pizza will help you increase your fiber intake. It also lowers your cholesterol, improve the efficiency of your digestive system, and even lower chances of certain types of cancer.

Pizza Covers All Food Groups

Did you know that you can avoid the need of making five different meals to get your entire recommended daily dietary intake by eating a few slices of pizza? A single slice of pizza can contain fruits, dairy, vegetables, grain, and lean meat which is a complete diet.