Dessert Menu

Ottavio Beignets …     12
Rolled fried dough lavishly covered with sugar and sprinkles of cinnamon. Served with “crème pâtissière”. Homemade. Exclusive Ottavio dessert.
Available in gluten-free …     13

Encore Chocolate …     8
Five layers of dark, moist chocolate cake sandwiched with the silkiest smooth chocolate filling and finished with elegant dark chocolate ganache.

Crème brûlée …     7
An unpretentious vanilla custard cream glazed with caramelized sugar. Homemade.
Available in gluten-free …     8

Dessert shooter …     3
Belgian chocolate mousse. Homemade.
Available in gluten-free …     4
Tiramisu. Homemade.

Ice cream à la mode …     1
Per ice cream scoop.
Vanilla or chocolate.
Available in gluten-free

Rawesome fondant pacane caramel …     7
An ultra rich and creamy raw vegan, apricots and pecan turtle cake served on a pecan caramel thick crust with crunchy raw cacao nibs. Natural and organic.
Available in gluten-free …     8

Sinfully moist …     7
A moist buttery cake covered with a rich marsala caramel and roasted nuts. Served hot in a cast iron skillet. Homemade.

White chocolate brownie …     7
A heavenly heap of white chocolate mousse laced with chocolate brownies floating on a rich brownie base.
Available in gluten-free …     8

Tiramisu …     7
Clouds of light mascarpone on pillows of lady fingers soaked in Québec artisanal roasted espresso and marsala finished with sweet cocoa. A moment of ecstasy for a true classic.