About us

Come and enjoy our authentic thin crust pizza, savory gourmet pasta and signature mussels & fries at our innovative concept simply known as …Ottavio. Our chef and sous-chef create traditional and modern dishes, using only the best and freshest ingredients. Our accommodating staff will receive you in a chic urban design.

Pure and simple, hot, artistic and totally original. The large cushioned chairs and well spaced tables allow for a comfortable dining experience. What better way to compliment your meal than to bring your favorite wine or beer.

We pride ourselves in offering great value along with friendly and efficient service. Many attempt to be gluten-free but very few are celiac safe.

Experience why Ottavio is the premier choice by the celiacs. Our reputation is irrefutable.

Incognito dish of month

Incognito Dish
- by Ottavio

During the month of June, executive chef Vincent Canzeri, is bringing the ocean to your plate.

He has concocted a divine lobster bisque. You will taste the sumptuous homemade tomato based broth garnished with generous pieces of lobster meat sautéed in garlic butter. All enhanced with white wine, brandy, green shallots and drizzled with a hint of cream.

To top it off, we also recommend you try the famous Gaspesiennes mussels that are served in a creamy smooth sauce made of seasoned shell fish, fresh cream and shrimp. Sea food lovers…Rejoice!!!